Your brand is a part of yourself.

For it to be authentic, your personality and values that define your project/business have to be reflected in every aspect of your brand


I would love to help you create your brand in a

honest, coherent and unique way.

No matter at which stage you are, my service is for you if:


·YOU’RE JUST GETTING STARED with your project. You are an entrepreneur and you want help from a professional to build your brand in a solid and strategic way.


·YOU’RE DEVELOPING a brand and you already have some ideas for the visual identity but still in need of a professional to shape them and make them work together.


·YOU ALREADY HAVE a brand pretty well shaped but you want to RENEW its visual identity.

Whatever your situation, I am at your disposal!

Depending on whether you are a person who is starting to take their first steps in the world of entrepreneurship, or on the contrary, a small company with experience , I adapt my prices and services to your needs.

I have various options on BRANDING PACKAGES so you can find what fits your needs and budget.


These packages are designed based on what my clients demand most, in order to make it easier for you to decide where to start.


From working on the basics for your brand’s visual identity creating the logo based on your values and brand strategy, to creating a whole corporate identity covering social channels, web site, merchandising, printing…



I will give you my best and most honest advice in the


Discover my branding packages and pick up yours:

pack ECO

Logo creation
Colour palette
Brief branding guide


pack ECO
templates and designs for your posts on social media or website

custom icon/doddle creation for your social channels

(final price of these service may vary depending on the amount of online channels that require designs)


Adaptation of brand image to product (corporate cards, merchandising …)
Web composition proposal applying the new visual identity

(2D design only, no web creation nor web programming)

You can also add the BRAND MANUAL in digital format to the pack. Just let me know and I will add it to the budget. You can print it yourself if you need it.


A brand manual is a tool with the necessary information to correctly apply your visual identity to any medium that your project works on. It is very useful for when you work with other designers or professionals, so they have the guidelines to follow when implementing your brand in a coherent way aligned with the original designs.


It is not essential, but it can be a great tool if your business or project grows.

All packs include a FREE ONLINE MEETING before starting so we can meet each other and you can explain me everything about your project.

If you are already sure about what services you were looking for, for your new project or your small business, CONTACT ME and I will inform you about the prices of the packs or I will prepare a custom budget that suit you, according to the characteristics of your project.


Discover my branding and visual identity works. Click on the images to see how the turned out on their own websites:

What are you waiting for to experience your own creative adventure?